• Measure the lampshade properly.

1.Measure across both top and bottom openings ,so that the ruler divides the circular area into two equal parts/diameter.

2.Measure the side by placing ruler along side seam of lampshade.

  • About fabrics for lampshades.

Almost any kind of fabrics could be used ,the possibilities are endless.

Suggestions for pleated designs are the following: Silk Chiffon,Silk Georgette,Silk Charmeuse,Silk Habotai, Crepe the Chine, Silk shantung (lightweight) Cotton,Linen....

Suggestions for stretch designs are:Silk Dupionis,Silk Shantungs, Burlap,Linen, Wools and blends like wool & cashmere,Velvets, fabrics with little bit more weight.

Love to Incorporate couture designer finds.The most important for each design choice is- to know the flaxibility of the fabric to complement the frame,and that how choosing the right fabric so it could capture the light depending on the surroundings and individual needs.

  • Design Choices.

Stretch ,Box Pleat, Open Box Pleat,Knife Pleat, Pinch Pleat, Plisse Del Mar ( loose pleat),Giordino Pleat. Some of these could be combined on certian frames.

Lining Choices : Stretch or Pleated lining.

Trim choices: Self trim( same fabric used as on lampshade) ,Designer trimings.

Ask about paper shade options.

  • Frames.

Lampshade frames could be special ordered by the provided measurments.The general turnaround time is between 2-3 weeks.

Or ask about reusing your original lampshade frame ,to restore it.

  • General.

The completion time for each shade varies,according to each and every individuals needs.This process could take from 2-5 weeks .